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Talk to me about HOD's writing


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I have read Carrie's thread on the HOD board about the progression of skills. However I would like to hear from people who have actually used the program how it is going and what your thoughts are. I keep reading things on other curriculums like brave writer and such and it just makes me wonder if creative writing is addressed in HOD and to what extent. Do you feel like your child is progressing in his/her writing skills, do they enjoy writing and how it is presented in HOD? Anything you want to share is welcome.

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Ah . . . this is my great controversy for next year . . . whether to use HOD's writing and language arts or to branch off on my own.


The highest guide I've used is CtC and we made it about two weeks using Write With the Best. With the child I was using it with, it wasn't a good fit. I'm still considering it to use with my next child through CtC but am undecided. We ended up doing Writing Tales for a while, WWE for a while and now are working on IEW Ancient Based History Lessons which seems to be the best fit with that guide.


For the two times I've gone through Preparing, I also add in more writing than what Carrie has scheduled. This year we are skipping the poetry writing and doing WWE and some of IEW's Fun and Fascinating.


I've also added in WWE with my child in Beyond - though I'm going to take a close look at the new Bible Heroes program from IEW for that age when I'm at the convention next week.


I'm also beginning to feel like it's a bit of overkill to do both the writing in R&S and another writing program. I was looking over my old copy of WTM and realizing that SWB points out that if you are using another writing program to skip the writing parts of R&S so I am considering that approach for next year.


I'll be watching this thread to see other opinions! Thanks for bringing this up.

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I'm pleased with HOD writing and we are only in Preparing! I don't think it's as good and detailed as other programs,but it's decent.I am hoping that Write with the best and IEW used in the following years will help with more specific writing,but for right now, with narration,dictation and so much reading, I think it's adequate. You can see some samples of my son's narrations here,if you click on preparing




That said ,we have some WWE and a few months of IEW under our belt...thus he is still influenced by IEW in his writings. He is also doing Rod&Staff for writing ,which I think its also great,but again ,not specific.


In short,if you have a natural writer,HOD is sufficient , if you have a child who struggles,and needs more specific instruction, you might need to supplement. I also have WWS and it looks fabulous,but I am not sure how to squeeze it in HOD. I will have to cut something...

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