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Curriculum that is fun and not time-intensive?


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I've changed my mind repeatedly for weeks now, and I just can't settle on what to do next year for DD's third grade. Part of the problem is that I'll be in my last year of graduate school, and my own classes are taking up more and more of my time now. But we are committed to homeschooling, and DD wants to continue being homeschooled, so I need to figure out what will work for us.


Right now we are doing SOTW 2, Sassafras Science Adventures from elemental science, McRuffy Math, Math Mammoth, Jr. Great Books 2nd grade anthology, Atelier Art, FLL, WWE, Evan Moor Building Spelling Skills, and various other practice workbooks (Spectrum, Evan Moor). It is working okay, but I find that some things don't get done and other things could be done much better than they are. I'm feeling lots of mama-guilt.


I think I might do a better job of getting things done with a boxed curriculum and teacher guide. I'd like something that would work for her to be able to do some work independently.


At this point, I'm leaning toward Calvert and Teaching Textbooks 3.

Any suggestions?

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What about MFW? It's fun. :D It's Christian. So, that would be one thing to consider. They use SOTW. You could use Exploration to 1850. It uses SOTW vol. 3. That would allow you to continue down that path. It includes science and read alouds. The prep work is done for you. You need to add in LA and math, which would mean you can continue using what you are already using or change to Teaching Text Books or whatever in those subjects. Anyway, just a thought to keep on the history path you have going already.


Good luck finding what you need!

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:bigear: I work full time so am always looking for ways to save time! Teaching Textbooks has worked well for us.



I also work fulltime and my 3rd grader does Teaching Textbooks 3 and xtramath.org for practicing addition and subtraction facts. It's free and independently done. My 7th grader does TT 7 and Aleks online. CLE math and xtramath.org gets done pretty independently by my 2nd grader. All three do some subjects with Time4Learning.


Works great around here. Just cover the basics, the 3 Rs, and they will be fine until you finish grad school.

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, but I find that some things don't get done and other things could be done much better than they are. I'm feeling lots of mama-guilt.



This happens here too and I'm not in graduate school. Don't feel guilty!! You are doing an awesome job!


I agree with a PP about only worrying about the 3R's for the year. You can leave some science and history books around and consider it done. TT might be a great switch for math for the year. Just be sure to take the placement tests. MM would also probably still work, as it's pretty independant. For fun stuff you could try Home Art Stuido. Kids can watch this and do this with minimal supervision, at that age.


A lot of curriculum is "do the next thing" and that might work well for this year, as it eliminates the need for much planning ahead.


You could check out Reading Eggs too. My kids love this and think it's great. There are usually some coupons floating around, as it can be a bit pricey.


Good luck!

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