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Math Mammoth & CCS questions...Need some insight please


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I have received the free samples from the MM site and my boys have been enjoying them. I am thinking of using Math Mammoth as a supplement to my current Math curriculum which is Christian Light Education. MM appears to offer more mental and visual math. I would be using first grade right now.


The samples are aligned to the CCS. I am not really in favor of CCS but if a program meets my child's needs without hindering his learning potential, I will use it. I am aware that Kagi is supposed to be carrying the unaligned or original version.


Does anyone know exactly how much difference is there between the 2 versions? My boys are actually working a little ahead of their grade and I guess what I'm wondering is if one version is more advanced than the other? For example, if my child is to learn what is being taught in second grade in public school according to CCS, do I then need to select 3rd grade from the new, aligned version if my child was above second grade level as a homeschooler?


Everything I have read about CCS seems to say that curriculum is "dumbed" down for each grade. My state does require testing or portfolio assessment for homeschoolers and they do have CCS implemention underway. My boys are already advanced of their Kindergarten public school peers and I want to continue teaching them at their level not the public school level. My 5 yr old would be going into PS Kinder this next school year and my 6yr old would have been entering PS first grade next school year. They are both currently starting First Grade at home.


I have sent a message to Maria via the MM site and am waiting to hear back but just wondering if anyone here had any insight on this.

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I have the distinct impression that revisions to align are to fill in any scope/sequence gaps with CCS, not to dumb anything down. Things like adding bits on measurement or geometry or fractions or particular types of problems or vocab sooner if necessary. Not taking away anything. I have the impression this is true generally of the hs currics undergoing revision.

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The previous (nonCC) version of MM included a lot of prealgebra in 6th grade, and some of those topics have been moved to the new prealgebra curriculum. Most people did a year of prealgebra after MM6 anyway, so now you can just use the MM prealgebra. There is nothing "dumbed down" about either version of MM; IMHO, it is deeper and more advanced than CLE.



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