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Butting Heads With Teens -

Susan in TN

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I understand. They can wear you down! Then it's no, I said no, no, more no, or whatever. Let me tell you why I said no in the first place and let's see what the results were and why that wasn't good. Then it comes up again just two days later, or even one. And like me, you might say yes. And then there were better, or more acceptable results, but the big original plan that is always, ALWAYS open for re-interpretation, change and winging it, it changes again. That's why I keep saying no. And sometimes I say yes because it seems like things MIGHT go better.

As teens, they need to be given the benefit to act mature, to be responsible, to get out there, or whatever it is you're going through, on their own.

For some reason I have a problem with "going with the flow," even though I know they are really good kids. What time did I say? What time is it now? And you're just now calling? Come home now. Then I will come and pick you up.

Consequences are good. :grouphug:

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