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My dd visited Roanoke College yesterday...


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She fell in love with Roanoke from the first brochure she got in the mail, and dh finally took her to visit yesterday. A small liberal arts college would be perfect for this dd, but the price scares me. I understand they give away a lot of scholarships, but dd is not an outstanding student so I don't know what to expect. She's a good student, just not top of the class. On the PSAT and pre-ACT, her scores were average for math and great for English, so I think she'll do okay on the SAT and ACT. She is slow at math and runs out of time; that's the biggest reason she can't score better. She wants to be a writing or library science major, so at least she scores high in her intended major.


Does anyone here have a student at Roanoke? If so, what are your likes and dislikes?

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Most money given away now, is not merit scholarships but financial need scholarships.


If your dd wants to go there, just make sure she applies to some financial safeties that she would be happy at. And establish way in advance with her, how much they need to offer her for her to be able to attend so she has realistic expectations.

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