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Could someone explain The Lost Tools of Writing to me?


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I am trying to find a writing program that provides bite sized lessons for a middle schooler who is not a struggling writer but just needs some focused input on the writing process. We will be using the program in an afterschooling setting.


I was thinking of using WWS2 when it comes out, but recently The Lost Tools of Writing caught my eye in that it might give a more big picture view of the writing process, but perhaps with more structure and instructor hand holding than MCT.


The Circe website seems to have a lot of broken links, so I was unable to get as much information as I would like.


Could someone tell me what a typical three week cycle (I gathered from somewhere that this is how the program is structured) looks like?


Also, I understand that the program is not secular. What sorts of references to religion does it have and how numerous are they? How easy would it be to modify for secular use?



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