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s/o seeing weird things in head


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How funny that this topic came up--I have a slightly different question about this:


My son says that when he tries to picture things in his head the image makes him dizzy. I knew this happened on occassion (we did some Davis dyslexia exercises when he was young and when he had to rotate an image in his head, he fell off his chair).


Why do you suppose this happens and what, if anything, should we do about it?


If it happens a lot, it could explain some things, like: why he has poor comprehension when reading (perhaps he surpresses the ability to visualize), poor ability to retell a story (can't "see" it unfolding), etc...


Any ideas?

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Why don't you visit the learning challenges section. I think there's been a discussion of that. I have one who seems to have a bit of difficulty with visual processing and another who doesn't seem to visualize, but I've not done much of anything about it, except have them read a lot and play music.

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