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Update on Dad's lungs and heart. Sigh


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No one, not one hospital of any good reputation, can fit him in for a lung biopsy this week. It is scheduled for Monday, April 1st. The Cardio-Thoracic (sp?) surgeon said they cannot do both surgeries at once due to the location of the nodules/tumors...he's not considered optimal for heart-lung bypass.


So, unless there is any chance that these spots are pockets of infection which could be cured with potent antibiotics, he will end up with two surgeries. The first to remove the cancer/part of a lobe of his lung and once recovered, then his bypass unless of course he has a major coronary from the blockages and then, well, I don't want to think about it.


I've had a bad afternoon riding the radiology center for promising to the send the CD of the CT scans to the specialist last Thursday, then oops forgot so we'll overnight it Friday, then oops called today and it wasn't received so went with dad to the radiology center and low and behold it was still sitting on Miss Attotude's desk who when confronted about it, basically told us to shove it where the sun doesn't shine...in an only marginally more p.c. way. She is now having a very bad afternoon because of a talk we had with her boss. Mistakes happen...I can deal with that. We are all human. Own your mistakes and apologize profusely is all I ask. A man's life hangs in the balance...this was no routine thing going on here!


He's pretty upset because he now knows there is absolutely no chance he'll be able to accompany the 4-H rocket team to the TARC Finals and this is a very big deal for him. He also knows that if they put four weeks or more between the surgeries, he could easily not be able to attend dd's wedding which is only 67 days away. Everyone is hurting. I'm going to hit the gym tonight and I would imagine I'll make myself quite sore trying to exercise some excess pent-up energy out of my system.


I need to find something else to focus on. We've got wedding invitations to address this week; I guess that will help. Personally, they'd like to post-pone until later in the summer because it means so much to them to have grandpa there. However, most of their relatives from out of town and all of the groomsmen plus two bridesmaids have applied for their vacation to attend and are not eligible to change their vacation dates. We just have to keep on keeping on.


Thanks for your support, encouragement, prayers, and good thoughts.


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FWIW, we have had several 'granddad' aged men (and women) in our church have issues with heart and lungs lately. From the outside it does seem painstakingly slow and the splitting of the surgeries doesn't make sense, but it sounds like common procedure. We have had many of our folks have to have one or the other surgery, or have surgery on one part of their lung/lymph nodes but have to have chemo for another part because it was too close to the heart to operate. We had one gentleman who had the open heart surgery first and then had to have a recovery period before he could have the lung biopsy. Another gentleman had to wait to gain weight after surgery before they would start chemo. Our lady was only given a 50/50 to make it through surgery (she did) because of her baseline health. Elder surgery is tricky.


Mistakes that cost lives are unacceptable of course. But try to keep in mind that even though this is YOUR parent, it is a part of the day to day routine for these surgeons. They may not explain themselves well, but I'm not hearing (beyond the failure to send records) anything outside the usual in the delays. :grouphug:

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