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Spelling lessons

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I use AAS. My dyslexic is in level 5 right now.


However, despite the review and the cards not much sticks. I'll remind him of a spelling rule/spelling strategy and then he'll figure it out most times. He's just really frustrated. He makes mistakes during spelling lesson dictation. He really makes mistakes when doing any type of writing outside of spelling. He gets angry. He asks why he can't remember how to spell words he should know how to spell. I remind him that he is dyslexic and it's challenging.


Anyway, part of me wonders if I should even bother with spelling lessons with him. Are they actually helping him or are they a waste of time? Is all this time spent on spelling going to make a difference in the long run when it comes to his education?

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We took the approach that we did not use a spelling curriculum. Ds learned spelling as part of his O-G based tutoring (9 months at 1x/week). So he learned the basic rules for Anglo-Saxon. His spelling did greatly improve from this, but honestly, so many English words don't follow rules. Otherwise, I have always had him type and correct his mistakes with a word processor. His spelling has also improved greatly by this approach because he is learning to spell the words that he naturally uses in his writing. I do have ds doing a lot of writing from 5th grade on (always with spell checker).

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