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Need organizational help! (chores, school, etc.)


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I used to consider myself organized. :lol: This is now very funny to me. :huh:


Anyway, i get to the end of my day and realize I forgot to have my 8yr old practice piano...or I look around and realize we forgot to get the chickens clean water this morning...


It isn't JUST school or chores or menu, etc. It's ALL of it.


Is there a way to organize it all? I need reminders, I can't just put it in my phone or write it down...I forget what I wrote down. :) I need something to beep at me until I tell it to stop.


I would love to have something that can be checked off as we go...maybe something for me and for each child??


But I need it to be easy!


I know, I"m so easy to please. HELP!! I feel like I'm losing my mind!!


(my kids have lots of chores compared to other kids we know...I need a place for all of it and non-regular stuff that pops up each week...)

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By the way, I have been reading that HUMONGOUS thread about organization...and even downloaded Evernote because of that thread. However, I haven't used it because I can't figure out how to get it to do what I want it to do. I've clicked around a bit and tried a few things and feel rather dense. I'm not usually technologically challenged but maybe I need a tutorial. Can evernote do what i need it to do? or anything else?



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Are you getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself? That helps me with my focus.


I use the Accountable Kids system for the kids. I loosely use the FlyLady system for chores. And I use a timer for tasks so that I stay on task. For example, I set the timer for 15 minutes and clean in the kitchen. I make sure that I focus all my attention on the kitchen until the timer buzzes. Helps keep me from getting distracted. Maybe you could set a timer to signal yourself to move to the next section of your day?

Would something visual help you? You said that you forget to look at what you wrote down. What about posting a routine/list in a place where you will see it several times in the course of your day? If your routine is pretty regular, you could laminate it and check things off each day and erase for the new day. Maybe leave a space to add notes for tasks that are not regular items on the list so that you could write things in as needed?

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I am very ADD. The best thing for me is to spend a few minutes every morning writing a to do list for the day while sipping morning coffee. I keep the list by my computer so it is right there for me to refer to throughout the day. But for the little things that you need to do every day (like give chickens water) peg that task to something else you know will get done. If you have a little cluster of tasks anchored by some event you know will take place (for instance, you know you will eat breakfast or you know you will shower, etc) then tie a group of tasks (that make sense to do around that time) to what you know you will do. So for me, in the a.m. I feed the pets, put on kettle, pray a little morning offering, unload dishwasher, then when coffee is ready make morning to do list. That sort of thing. For me, once I have a task pegged to a stable event, it is much easier for me to remember to get it done.


I do think when we don't get enough sleep and we have a 100 demands on us all day long from our kids, we can get pretty forgetful. Do take time to rest or nap a bit if that is what might be happening to you.

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Go check out Flylady.net -- she's wonderful! Her site can look a little overwhelming at the start, but start with the babysteps. Also go check out her Control Journal -- sounds like it might be right up your alley. You can buy a copy on her site, but you can also read the boatloads of free advice on her site and build your own. I am not Born Organized (though don't tell that to my former co-workers -- they thought I was very organized!), but I've learned a lot of helpful tips from Flylady and her friends.


BTW, yes, she has a Fly Shop, for two reasons:

1) to help fund the website and keep it free to everyone (purchases are NOT required ever); and

2) to help folks find useful tools that the Fly Crew has found and tested massively.


She will help you get organized, put things into real perspective (you are never behind (on housework, but also on other stuff) -- just jump in where you are), and cheer you on. I love her!

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