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Gift for a guitar player? EDIT


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I play acoustic. Guitars always need new strings. You would have to find out what kind he uses. Snark clip-on tuners are nice, but he probably has one. I like the music store gift certificate idea. I would love that.


Other ideas: a guitar case or strap if he needs a new one, sturdy music stand, or...how about a session at a small recording studio? I have no idea how much that would cost, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

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I don't know, he's got tons of guitars. Here's his band's page- https://www.facebook.com/TemptingKarma


They used to be "On Call" because they're all doctors. I think they're making a cd.



Oh, I like them! Listening to their iTunes tracks right now. I'm going to buy their album and will look forward to the new one... Wow, that's a lot of recording they've been doing. First album released in July, and then back in the studio in January. (That is quite an investment of both time and money.)


That pickpunch Lara linked to is pretty awesome, lol.

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Great mind think alike - this was the 1st thing I thought of, too.



I would only get the pickpunch if he is a crafty sort. Crafty types would *love* it; non-crafty types just want to buy a pick and get pickin!


It's *very* hard to buy people with serious hobbies things for those hobbies without really knowing what they're craving. Does he have assorted softwar/devices to record onto his computer at home? That could run into all kinds of money, of course, but perhaps there is something like a mike or some such that he would like? Does he have a spouse or significant other or bandmate you could ask???

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