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Preschooler with sleep issues...help :(


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My 3yo was in the older boys room (with the 8, 6, and 4yo) and he continued to be awakened by my 6yo who had night terrors. My 6yo would wake up snorting, running out of the room, crying, etc. After a few times of this happening, it completely traumatized my 3yo. :( While my 6yo can get back to sleep easily after his episodes, my 3yo then started waking every hour. We moved him right next to my bed to see if that helps, but then he just comes into bed with me. That's fine and all, but I do not sleep well with him in bed with me and I am due to have a baby in 2 months. I already have our youngest (1 yo) in our walk-in closet/"nursery." I will be co-sleeping with the newborn and do not sleep well with just a newborn in my bed, let alone 2 children. I know that works great for some people, but it's not working well here. :(


Dh sleeps on the couch because of his back issues. He has been fine with 3yo coming out to sleep on the couch during the weekends, but during the week he has to wake up at 5am to get ready for work and leave, and that will wake 3yo up then too. Our kitchen/living room is all connected.


We have tried Benadryl after a couple nights of hourly wakings, and that does not make any difference. I also use essential oils and those make no difference either.


We only have 3 bedrooms so there is only so much rearranging we can do. Our oldest (and only girl) has a room to herself, the 4 boys WERE sharing a room, and then the baby was in with me. But it no longer seems to be what room he is sleeping in as much as the constant waking that is a problem. Any ideas how to get him out of this cycle? :(

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I'd consider putting your 3yo in your dd's room and moving dd in with the other boys while the 3yo (hopefully) gets on a better sleeping pattern.






I'd put him with dd for a while.



The problem with putting him in dd's room is that he will most likely continue waking up, just as he does when he is in my room. How would you handle that?


He doesn't seem as scared when he wakes up anymore, he just wants to stay in my bed versus going back to his own bed (*right* next to mine). Sigh. At first when we tried to put him back he would just scream like he was terrified.

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