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Help me salvage what is so far a healthy budget fail (frozen turkey burgers)


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What they all said: crumble them up, add some of your seasonings, flavors (salsa, red sauces, onion soup mix, etc.) and reform if you can. If you can re-form, use the crumbled meat in dishes like pasta w/sauce, chili, etc.


Sign, I've BTDT...



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Question - did you try to eat the turkey burgers like they were just regular hamburgers?


ime, turkey burgers require a different approach. Top them with avocado and mayo, or some guac and pepper jack cheese, or some spicy hummus with tomato/onion/cucumber slices. Onion or potato buns work better than multigrain or even white.


Just saying that I've always found turkey burgers on a brown bun with ketchup and mustard to be just gross. But that doesn't mean I think turkey burgers themselves are a fail.

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