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Eek! I'm going back to college! Help!

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I just submitted my application for summer semester to finish my B.S. in Anthropology. I'm almost there, and mostly have upper level classes that I will finish online.


But I realized as I was filling in my essays that I have gotten much stupider over the past 6 years I've been out of college. I was a Dean's List, National award winning student who was upset at my score of 30 on my English ACT. Now I can't string together a sentence. Part of this is my ADHD mixed with chronic health problems and years of little sleep. So I need some help!


Your best college survival tips as a homeschooler?

Best study methods or organizational techniques?


A great, affordable, and relatively fast paced College English refresher. Preferably one that starts assuming you are completely stupid and forget what adverbs are (maybe not that bad, but close).


Math refresher! I finished trigonometry and statistics and I *shouldn't* have to do more math, but just in case until I see what transfers.


Anything else I'm forgetting! Tips, suggestions, a slap to the head, whatever!

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For online math review, I like Interact (can't link easily right now, but I've linked to it in a lot of posts). It's Pearson Pubs online math software. Pick a text and a topic you want o review. The "Help Me Solve It" feature walks you through the problem step by step.


I like the text for Woodbury..Elementay and Intermediate Algebra for alg 1 and 2. The problems are basically all the same for all the texts, so you won't go wrong picking any.


Congrats and good luck!

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Good for you for finishing. Do double-check to see what credits are still good, as many seem to "expire" after a bit.


A couple of questions, please:


Where are you studying, to get a BS in Anthro? Seems very rare -- most departments that offer degrees in Anthro only offer BA. If you've found a place that offers Anthro BS's, too, then DO get the BS! Prospective employers seem to think more highly of BS than BA.


What do you plan to do with your degree? I ask as someone with a BA in Anthro, archaeology focus. My gainful employment has all been non-arch, non-anthro -- Geodetics, Geographic Information Systems, maps, data management. The job market for a degree in Anthro or Arch is rather tight, unless you are willing to go outside the discipline itself when job hunting.


Good luck, and don't lose heart. You can do this, and having a completed Bachelor's degree is going to get you more on the job front. And you have chosen a very facinating field to study!

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Oregon State. They offer B.A. Or B.S. I already have the foreign language and science requirements (previously a Philosophy and Pre-Med major) for either, but chose the B.S. partly for the reason you stated. I actually was admitted into Biological Anthropology at Duke, but my dh could not find a local job and my financial aid fell through, so I haven't been back since...


I am interested in archaeology. But I considered a geography minor, which is another love of mine. Hopefully someday I would get a graduate degree and teach part time. At least for the next 14 years I homeschool!

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Good point. If I can brush up, I'll check on testing out. I have to wait for all of my credits to transfer (3 colleges!) and last I remember that can take a few weeks. I ordered Lial's Pre-calc after searching some senior high school threads. Hopefully that should be good enough for math! My dh is a Chemistry professor, so I can access all the science I want, but I think I'm good there.

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I'm in law school.


Here's some tips:


1. Make sure you build some study time for yourself at times when you are alert and best able to focus.

2. Organization is key. Learn to delegate. My DH has stepped up in the kitchen, for example, and we both do the laundry.

3. McDonald's with a play area can be a great place to study.

4. Consider meds for the ADHD. I know a couple of people who never needed them in high school or college until they got to law school because they were smart and had developed compensation strategies, but had reached a level where those strategies failed them and meds really made a difference.

5. Don't overdo your course load.

6. For online classes, my DH (who is an undergrad) has found that having his desk in a room where he can close the door and shut out the kid-distractions is critical. I find it preferable as well, which is why I make sure I have time between classes on campus to study with fewer distractions than at home. DS-2 is in child care and DD attends a 2 day a week enrichment program to make this happen.

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I don't really have anywhere as a desk but the dining table. I hoped to use the iPad more so I can move around. I hate sitting still! I was that annoying kid always falling out of their desk in class. :lol:


I can't take meds for quite awhile since I am bf, but I will consider it sometime later. Our McDonald's doesn't have a play area (and my food allergy kids can't eat there anyway), and our coffee shop is only open until 3 pm. >.< I wish I could move!


Thanks, everyone!


Oh, does anyone have any good iPad or iTouch apps for being a student/productivity/etc.?

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