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SOTW 3 Activity guide reading selections

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We haven't gotten to SOTW3 yet but we did use the reading selections for SOTW1 and are currently using the ones for SOTW2. I normally get all of the ones our library has available and we end up reading most of them.

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Same here, I choose what the library has or what is already on my shelf from my years in the ps classroom. Mostly, we have enjoyed them. Sometimes the books are too long for my kids. I enjoy reading them, but I struggle with incorporating the longer books in our week. I searched long and hard for a children's version of Don Quixote and bought it used for $2 on amazon. It wasn't the one she recommended because I just couldn't find it, but it was fantastic! I bought a copy of Mary, Queen of Scots for 99 cents and it was too dry to be the read aloud that week. The book called Buried in Ice happened to be at my Half Price Books and while I found it fascinating, it was too long/detailed for my kids to enjoy, even with the "creepy" pictures for my boys.


Typically, I make sure I find one non-fiction and one literature source for the chapter and fit them in during the week. I rely on the library for most of my books and I can usually find one of the selection there. I check out any additional available books and choose between them, encourage my kids to look through or read them, or simply show the pictures and captions that add something.

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There are heaps of threads on ancients, many on middle ages, and then the threads kind of die off, don't they? Honestly I think that it's because people going through SOTW the first time typically have first graders and that's their oldest, they haven't been homeschooling long and are looking for all sorts of information and confirmation. Then you start the next book, and you've done it before so you kind of know more what to look for, what books will work for your family. By the third book you've got it down! That's my theory anyway.


I look at the AG, SL, and VP to create my booklist, but haven't gotten to book 3 yet, so I can't really help with specific books. I have to purchase most of mine since our library doesn't have many of the recommended books. If you find any good threads, I hope you'll link them for us!

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