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pick our next read aloud

pick our next read aloud  

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  1. 1. What should I read to/with ds 10?

    • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
    • Cheaper by the Dozen
    • All-of-a-Kind Family
    • Gone-Away Lake
    • Little Britches

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I haven't read them all--


Like Cheaper--don't watch the movie after as it's DULLL.


REALLY like Gone...It starts with a mystery, and it's fun.


All of a Kind has an "old fashioned" vibe--may or may not like it.


Roll of Thunder is another classic--have you read a lot of books like it? Haven't read.


Hear all the time how wonderful Little Britches is! But haven't read.

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For a boy, specifically, I voted Little Britches. I think All-of-a-Kind Family is lovely; it's one of my favorite series. But it's heavily focused on girls; my son enjoyed it but not nearly as much as my daughter. My other choice for you would be Cheaper By the Dozen because it's hilarious (and I vote for Belles on Their Toes after that as well).

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