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Starting Ancients, need memory work suggestions.

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This coming year we will be doing ancients (GB for the oldest). My kids really enjoy doing memory work in the morning, so I need some recs. Oldest is 14 and our youngest is 8. Here is what I have so far.



The Works of the 7 days of Creation





plagues of Egypt




The twelve disciples




The 12 Tribes of Israel




The gods of Ancient Egypt




12 Labors of Hercules



9 muses

12 titans



I am sure I had more.... off to check my list.


(Why am I having trouble coming up with things?) Has anybody actually done the Pharaohs? How did that go?


They already know the 7 ancient wonders of the world, hills of Rome, and its rulers.


Also, since I have you here and would prefer not to start a separate thread, can you also throw in ideas relating to Biology?




kingdoms of living things




Characteristics of mammals




Characteristics of a fish




Characteristics of reptiles




Characteristics of amphibians




Characteristics of an insect




Six main types of invertebrates




Main parts of a flower




Body systems




Parts of a plant cell




Parts of an animal cell




Bones in the human body? Maybe for oldest.





This would be over the entire year, and we homeschool year around.



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i before e (except after c): old-school ways to remember stuff by Judy Parkinson - book contains lots of mnemonic devices -- many of which you might recall from childhood -- for remembering everything from pi to the books of the Bible. lots of fun and good to learn while you're young and it sticks.

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:) You might get more responses on the K-8 board. If I remember rightly, the rhetoric stage of classical education doesn't deal with much memorization.


You could maybe get your older students to memorize long poems or speeches instead of lists. Just a thought. :)

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