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FYI: Barnes and Noble Summer Reading 2013 form

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Thanks... Is the printed one ok, or do they want an original from the store? Never done this one before, excited !



Printed one is okay. The bookstore would have a display with the books that are on the form. You can choose a free book at a higher grade level. The grade level of the free books on the form is just a suggestion.

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Just bumping up, right now we are doing 3 summer reading programs so far LOL and I don't even have to count the same books for the different programs :laugh: ...

I just wish they were more like the ones when I was a kid (for every 10 books read, we turned in a list and got a free book as a prize and whoever read the most that summer (by grade level) got a big prize basket, I think there was even 1st, 2nd and 3rd places per grade).

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Would be nice if they had something like this for older kids.


Unfortunately Barnes & Noble summer reading is for elementary school level. The libraries do have summer reading for teens and adults to get a free book and most libraries have started their summer reading program.

Do they have to read it themselves? My rising dyslexic first grader would love to participate but everything is audio for him at this point.


They don't have to read it themselves. it is just best effort so audio/read to him is okay.

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