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Starting my own business... is this cheating?


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I am in the works of stating my own business. I send out my LLC papers tomorrow. *Happy dance*


Anyway. I am trying to make a website with pertinent info and other such things. I am going to other websites that offer the same or similar services and I have a spiral memo pad with 5 pages of notes so far. I am not copying any verbiage. I am not taking graphics or layout. I am simply saying.. oh that would be good to add to my site. Such as elaborating on some info or adding something. Nothing is proprietary.


You think that is kosher? I am just trying to see what works and make it with my own flair.



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The only down side I can see is that by scoping out the others first, you might lose some of your uniqueness. Perhaps you could jot down what you would have done before you saw any of the others. that way you could hopefully avoid the "all of a sameness" look and really stand out from the crowd.


Another thing you might do is to contact friendly clients and ask them what they want to see on a website. It is possible that they want something that no one is offering on any of the websites and you can be the first tooffer it.

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