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4H Curriculum...opinions???

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So without joining 4H, there are several curriculum I saw ( here: http://www.4-hmall.org/Category/4-hcurriculum.aspx) that look interesting: Robotics, aerospace, health, etc...


Anyone used them? Opinions? They are not expensive, but no previews are on their site and when I searched here "4H Curriculum", I got a ton of topics that had nothing to do with it .....

Some say grades 6-8, some don't have an age group. Anyone in 4H can tell me what ages they might be for? I was thinking some might be for HS electives???

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When I was in 4-H I was in a non-ag group, and did a lot of those "extra" things. I think I was 5th grade or so?


From what I recall, and they've probably revised things a few times since then, the books are project based. They're designed to lead the student to "output" something, whether a piece of clothing for a sewing unit, or a piece of writing for the creative writing unit, and etc. 4-H members are generally required to complete the project for their chosen units, usually by submitting them to their county fair where they are judged by some local college adjuncts who sits down with the student and makes some comments about their work. But they can complete them in some other way as well, like making a presentation at their 4-H club meeting.


What I'm saying is that the books in my day were designed to lead to an external evaluation of an overarching project on the subject. Things may have changed since then.


I think why the books are listed 6th - 8th is because of the project component, which is expected to be done largely independently. I remember I did a unit on ponds and had to record the pH levels at various times over a few months. I have vague memories of doing a health unit too, I think I had to keep a food and exercise log and measure my pulse and things like that, also over the course of a few months.

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