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ok..there was a thread, but I can't find it... What would you pack..

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to home school through high school??


So I saw a thread about homeschooling with a few books and no internet, but I want to expand on that.


It is 85% sure that in 12-18 mos (I am pushing to move at the end of next summer), we will be moving overseas to a place where I will not have access to an English library or be able to order books easily.(Better World Books MIGHT deliver for free (need to double check that), and rainbow resources charges 20% :ohmy: , the rest do not deliver there, plus any duties I have to pay would be quite a bit on shipments (like 50% of the invoice total :001_huh: on new items). Moving there and bringing my personal belongings is different.


That is our goal right now and depends on selling this house and working out some logistics which so far seem to be working out. So I need to put a plan in place and make a budget.


We will be able to ship everything we need (container). We will have internet (high speed) and several laptops/tablets, but I do not want to rely on them solely. I will of course load them up with ebooks, apps, etc. And I would love to take DVD/CD courses possibly. (Any suggestions there, great courses???) Also any DVDs I should look at for History, Geography, etc? (we can watch DVDs on the laptops)


Obviously I do not want to spend $20,000 on books, so I want to use this year (or bit more) to shop around, find used, etc. DH may be able to come back and bring me items I need 1x a year (I am thinking mainly consumables like laminating sheets, craft supplies, etc. Maybe a few DVDs or books I missed).

I still have a long way to go obviously, DS9 is in 4th for most subjects (except math :glare: ), DD6 is in 1st for most subjects right now. And I have the twins who are doing preK work.


DS and DD have different learning styles (and I think my twins do too from what I see so far). So if I could pack one box for each subject from 3rd-12th and to accommodate different learning styles, what would you pack? Would like SAT prep/College Prep and secular.....


These are the boxes I have planned (most likely large rubber maid storage):


Grammar/Spelling: KISS Grammar (ebooks), FLL(all levels), Maybe Simply Grammar(need to research it more)?, Grammar-Land and Easy Grammar Plus to cap off, and all levels of AAS (working for us, but I might want to include something else in case it doesn't click for one of my youngest?? Is there a good 1 volume book for spelling?).


Writing: All levels of WWE, ...after that? Maybe WWS and/or IEW??? Some supplements like story prompts etc?? We tried writing strands, that was a no go. I tried WWW this year and it was ok, but not my ideal. Any other options besides IEW?


Phonics/Reading: Will pack all the ETC books for youngest 3, HOP and Master Reader, Phonics Pathways, Reading Pathways and leveled readers I have already (will add some more probably :smilielol5: ). Tempted towards taking AAR... talk me out of it ??? I have tons of teacher resources from my teaching days for word families, phonics and sight words etc... (Also, there is a HUGE demand there for English tutors/teachers, so my back up plan in case we needed extra income is to tutor, etc. So any resources could be put towards that possibly.)


Literature:?? Not sure what to pack here, besides lots of good books ;) , any recs for a book to teach lit analysis/discussion? Considering MCT Poetry books, we like the 1st one. I just got 2 books "using picture storybooks to teach literary devices" and I am enjoying those, so something along that line for High School?? Should I just select some lit and take along study guides etc? Like 1 year of Brit Lit, 1 year of Amer Lit and 1 year of World LIt???


Vocab and Comprehensions: Maybe Wordly Wise, all levels? Vocab from classical roots (I have and like it, but what after that? Vocab from Latin and Greek roots or should I just pick one of those 2, are they repetitive? ) I have English from the roots up, so will take those levels. For comprehension, I have lots of evan moor/scholastic type of books and will select some more advanced levels. Is there a CD program maybe for that? Maybe CTC has one? I do have at least 1 child interested in a bio-medical field so I want something vocab wise to help prep him for that.


Science: 1 box for each: Bio,Chem, Physics, Physical Sci...?? We have been using Elemental Sci and like it so far, but what about HS? DS9 loves sci, DD6 not so much LOL. Nature reference books, need ones NOT focused on North America :lol: (Burgress maybe) ? Science lab equipment that is not readily available in a typical kitchen, any good companies?


Art/Art History: Looking at packing Harmony fine arts (all levels with accompanying books) and some art reference books and "living books"? (my kids are not artsy LOL, so will probably skip the Artistic Pursuits portion.)


History: 1 box for each time period (ancient, middle ages, early modern, modern) and then USA. Here I can find tons of living books for US history, need to fill up the other time periods/areas. I have picture books for the ancients and some for SOTW2, but need to fill that up. Also other spines to use? I have the ones recommended by HO (not all, but several).


Math: MUS most likely (working with DD6), Mathematical Reasoning by CTC, Life of fred, TT, need resource books for high school In case TT doesn't cut it? Hands on Equations? Any other must have supplements? I have lots of manipulatives (blocks, geo boards, scale, etc)


Logic/Critical thinking: Tons of choices from CTC...?? I like that they have a lot as ebooks/cds. Any favorites?


Geography: Trail Guide to World Geo and US Geo, Atlases, etc. Puzzles, lots of books about different continents?? love some recommendations...Any other supplements you LOVE???


Language: I will count his learning the local language there as a 2nd language which we will hire a private tutor there for that.


Some electives I am considering: 4H Robotics course, Some programming for DS(and maybe others as well if they are inclined, any book recs?), Home Ec type course/books for all, Health(books?), Speech (any book recs?), Life skills books (like kinda survival skills), maybe and Economics (like basics of banking,budgeting, etc?), any other suggestions?


I started a WL on amazon to keep track of what I am looking for LOL!


In my spare time ( :rofl: ) I will be stalking around the boards looking for more ideas, but I know the Hive usually enjoys a challenge, so thought someone might have ideas or see something I am missing. I have no one IRL who understands what a big decision this is. DH just wants to see a plan/budget to see how we are going to make this work :tongue_smilie: .


What am I forgetting?? Reference Books???


Thanks if you made it so far ;) Looking for all suggestions...I will probably keep bumping this up as I find things/refine more the plan.

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Wow! I need to sit and think about it, but being in a similar situation as you I might come up with some ideas.


I'm going to pm you a question, too.


This is also serving as a reminder to me to actually come back! :blush:

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As I'm thinking I've come up with some questions:


Will you be exclusively homeschooling or after schooling? I ask because homeschooling is illegal here, I'm wondering if it's the same where you're going?


Is there a reason you want to specifically target US history? If you're settling in your new country is there really a need for this? NOT judging at all, just curious. (We are targeting US history, FWIW, in case we go back to the US a some point).


If your DC are going to attend college and attend it in your home country, do you need to consider local/regional history in your curriculum? Here kids have to know ALL about the Ottoman Empire and Ataturk's revolution. Is there something comparable for your country?


Local language?


I'll come back after I've cogitated a little more....

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I will be only homeschooling.... long story but since my kids are US citizens, it's ok...We will be enrolled in a US correspondence school, but I get to pick all my own Curriculum.


I will touch US History for several reasons: 1. In case they want to go to college here and 2. In case (slim chance) we ever come back here and 3. Since they will receive a HS diploma from a US school, they need a US History course on transcript


As far as local regional history, well we will touch on that in our World History and I will probably expand on it a bit more than I would if we are staying here, but it is such a jumble that there is no one "History of xxxx" book that I have found. I have a couple regional history books from courses I took in college that I will use as they get older.


Language: Local language is Arabic. They can read now (older 2, but like 1st grade level easy readers), but we will get them a tutor to increase vocab and work on grammar and introduce Lit. (And one for me LOL... I don't want to take an hour to read the front page of the paper :lol: !)


Can't wait to see what you come up with....


I already added Writing Tales to my list of writing curric :hurray:

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Have you read The Well Trained Mind? It might be worth it to take a gander at her recommendations, particularly for literature and history, especially since you're already doing the period approach. She has good book recommendations for each period for literature and history. The Well Educated Mind is also good for explaining literary analysis.


Understand the long story about homeschooling. DD is a dual citizen so it was out for us.


I'm off to sleep, but I'll check in tomorrow am.


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Is this the thread you were thinking about?



If you have access to internet I might plan on doing high school level with online classes.


For literature there is a resource that I can't remember the name of. It teaches you how to lead discussions about literature. I would use that, and apply it to any books that I wanted. You can then get a lot of classical books for free on the Kindle.


ETA: It's Center for Literature Teaching the Classics.

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That was it hkchik!

I'll look up Teaching the Classics. I think I've seen that mentioned. Thanks.

The issue with online classes might be the time difference (about 10 hours)...so depends if we could view the lecture later.

And I don't want to rely on it totally because what if internet was lost for a month? (known to happen there, at least hi speed internet)

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