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Anybody waiting for their Rainbow Resource order?

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I'm so excited. I ordered a bunch of stuff, a few for K, and a few birthday gifts for ds too. It's always such a thrill for me to order from Rainbow Resource Center (RRC).


Some of the materials I ordered:


Italic Handwriting Book A

Teaching Cash Register

Crochet Kit (for me -- hehe :D)

Miquon Orange Level

Spectrum Phonics Gr 2

pattern blocks

cuisenaire rods

geared student clock

Kidspeak language program (for Spanish)

Maps and Mapping


What are you waiting on?

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I ordered last Friday and payed the extra $10 for them to expedite the departure from the warehouse. It was shipped on Tuesday, so now I'm just waiting. I didn't mind splurging on the extra $10 since I basically met the free shipping minimum three times over. I could have waited for most of the books, but my son's Apologia materials need to get here quickly so he'll have them in hand for the first week of co-op. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

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