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Need a name for our new family member

Pamela H in Texas

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Okay, so I've wanted a larger dog for awhile; but I needed time to train one. And we've been a bit busy, ya know?


So since we're not taking any children right away (It is simply a bad idea to try to fill this hold in our hearts so soon...and it may be quite awhile before we can take a child and that is not the hole we're trying to fill)....so I have time to focus on my health and training a dog (I'm hoping she'll run with me as I'm getting more fit and enjoying more exercise).


Here she is:



So she doesn't have a name.

So my son is trying instagram and I'm trying you for some perfect idea we all like.

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schwarze Nase is "black nose" in German.



pelzigen Liebe is "furry love" (also in German, purely because of the German Shepherd thing - maybe you have another language you'd like to use?).


I like words that describe an animal, but in a foreign language so it's like a little family secret. :)

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Greta, Bella, and Heidi are all great. For some reason, Hazel also popped into my mind.


But I really don't care what you name her, as long as you keep posting pics of her!! She is lovely, and I think she'll be wonderful for your family. If I could breathe around them, I would have at least one German Shepherd. They're wonderful dogs.


Let us know what you all decide... Then you'll have to post more pictures. :)

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