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Is there a market for original TOG?


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I'd like to know this too!


I have all four years of Classic, plus map cd's and extras, plus almost all of the G & D books (incl oop's), just hanging out in the top of our school closet. I bought most of it when my oldest was in 1st/2nd grade. He'll be a sophomore in high school this fall, and we never used 95% of the material. I almost threw it all out when I was spring cleaning a year ago but was like, "jeez, that's a lot of paper to throw in the garbage!"


Lesson for the newbies and Moms of youngers: Don't buy curriculum more than a year ahead. You never know what new thing / update / life event will happen to throw you off your current course.


OTOH, I really enjoyed TOG Year 4 when I did it as self-education :thumbup1: :rofl:


I hear you there!


For the right price, I'm sure many people would be interested. Even for a self-ed like you did. Don't throw it away!


And pm me if you do sell it. ;)

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Guest Mommyleaf

What is the publishing date? I'd be interested in one or all four years!!! I'd like 2009 if at all possible to match up to a friend who is assisting me.


Thanks so much,


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