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Quick question about Lial's BCM

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Will an eighth grader who completes this be ready for Algebra I in 9th?

I'm considering this because it covers all of the bases from the beginning, including some things we did not cover, and I'm hoping to make sure she has a firm grasp on basics while doing an intro to algebra.

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I am not familiar with BCM, but based on Lial's other books, I'd imagine that yes, getting through it will have a student ready for Alg I.

Looking at the table of contents on Interact software: http://interactmath.com/home.aspx

it looks like what's missing is basic graphing (coordinate plane). That's what I'd be expecting from a prealgebra course. (And personally, I like Martin-Gay's Prealgebra books better than Lial. I'm teaching from a Lial Developmental Mathematics text and it's really written poorly.)

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