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People who actually USE Brave Writer

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I'd really like to just use Brave Writer / The Writer's Jungle in the fall rather than buy writing curriculums for my kids, but seem to be bad at actually implementing it.


How do you make it work for your family? Do you use additional writing programs? If you don't use anything extra, how do you make it complete enough?


Any tips appreciated!

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We are using Brave Writer but in addition to The Writer's Jungle, which I found interesting but not helpful for actual implementation, I have Jot It Down, The Wand and some issues of The Arrow.


My son is doing the Wand three days a week. He could probably do the Arrow but I thought the Wand would be good to ease into it since we've never done copywork or dictation before. One day he reads the book and we go over the grammar, spelling activities (unless it's super too easy for him), the second day I go over the copywork passage pointing out the punctuation/grammar and he copies it. The third day we do the French Dictation.


I plan to start Jot It Down in the next few weeks. We are starting with the Fairy Tale activities and we'll do it all together.


I plan to start poetry picnics in a few weeks when the weather is nicer.


My son also loves to write stories so he does that whenever he wants, and jots notes down in various journals.

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