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Art analysis/criticism for kids?


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My son came across this essay yesterday (http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/arts-entertainment/pallas-and-the-centaur-a-painting-of-strength-and-beauty-46964.html) and really enjoyed having me read it to him and talking about it. I am wondering if there is a resource out there with prints of paintings and good essays about them, possibly contrasting essays about each painting?


It could be geared toward children, but doesn't have to be as long as it isn't too dry...

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I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but have you looked at the "Come Look with Me" series? If memory serves, this series shows paintings from various artists and offers information and discussion questions.


Here's a link to one on Amazon that you can see inside of: http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/0934738955


Rainbow Resource has a whole bunch of the books on their site: http://www.rainbowre...6&category=5140


Another couple of series you may be interested in is "How Artists See" and "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists". You can also find these on Rainbow Resource.

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We are currently using Smart Art: Learning to Classify and Critique Art as our spine for art. Prufrock lists it for grades 2 through 10 - you can easily adapt it up or down. My only complaint is that the art is in black and white, but I have so far been able to find full-color versions of all of the paintings online.



This looks perfect and I almost didn't believe my eyes, but appears to be on clearance now for 99 cents !! I just ordered it plus a bunch of other math and logic books for $10, including shipping!!


And I had forgotten about Sister Wendy. I think I actually have one of her books somewhere around here...I'll try to dig it out.


Thanks everyone!

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99 cents?!




I hope that doesn't make you feel bad, because i'm assuming you paid more!! ;)

I was on the verge of buying it for $25 and then all of the sudden it was 99 cents...I keep expecting to get an email saying 'sorry, that was a mistake!'

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