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I'm considering doing this. Can anyone that has done this, or is in the process of doing this give me some advice? My son loves science. He's a freshman next year and has just had physical science. I am seriously considering physics for 9th grade. Anyone done this? What would you recommend? This is all new territory for me and I would appreciate any thoughts/comments!

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I don't find this inverted - physics first is logical, because it is the foundation for all other sciences.

We do algebra based physics in 9th. DD followed with chemistry in 10th and calc based physics in 11th; she will do modern physics and some kind of bio in 12th (she had bio before 9th, but may take a more challenging course or a course focusing on special topics.)


The basic limitation will be math. If your student has completed algebra 1, you can do an algebra based physics course (we use Knight College Physics; other good texts are Giancoli) If he is not finished with algebra, he can only do Conceptual Physics (Hewitt has a good text).

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He will be in Algebra next year. I have really been looking at the conceptual physics by Hewitt next year. We've had a very slow go with math over the upper elementary yrs which made us recreate the wheel and go to MUS. He will be working thru pre Algebra this yr and summer and be in Alg. next year. The Conceptual physics is really intriguing and looks really good. I think it's a good place to start.


Anyone have other ideas/thoughts?


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We used Derek Owens for Physics in 9th grade. The prereq is Algebra 1. You may read my review here.


This has been ds's HS science sequence:

9th - Physics

10th - 1st semester Landry Academy Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine (ds is a student athlete)

10th - 2nd semester CC Earth Science

11th - 1st semester CC Biology

11th - 2nd semester CC Chemistry


I would have preferred Chemistry before Biology, but we got closed out of Chemistry lab 1st semester. Otherwise, we used this sequence based more on what was available than any other method.



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Conceptual physics is fine if he will be doing algebra next year. You can follow that with chemistry in 10th (just algebra needed for most of chem, except for acid-base and logarithms (I think---my older kids had algebra 2 before chem)), bio in 11th, and then an algebra-based physics in 12th.

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Where is the best place to purchase conceptual physics? Hewitt's seems hard to find.


Why would you think it is hard to find?

You simply go to amazon, type in "Hewitt Conceptual Physics" and have your pick among several different editions, new and used books, hundreds of different offers.

http://www.amazon.co...ceptual physics

It is fine to use an older edition that you can get cheap; there is nothing about the physics covered that has changed in the last 50 years.

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