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WTF Chefs ... I need help with a menu


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Here's the challenge. We're having dinner for my book club tomorrow night. I know I want to do a baked potato bar but am at a loss for toppings and side dishes. The toppings need to be vegetarian and if it was stuff I could make a little ahead of time that would be great.


So far I've got shedded cheese and cottage cheese. Kind of boring.


Green salad or fruit salad as a side dish? Something else?





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I like the title as is. Describes a lot of the meals I make.




I'd go with flavor profiles. Mix some tamari with ponzu vinegar, pea pods, shredded cabbage. Salsa, black beans, and goat cheese. Lettuce, tomato, and whatever vegetarian substitute for bacon you can come up with.


Green salad sounds like a good choice for a side.

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salsa or pico de gallo,

cream cheese and chives,

cheese and apple,

mushrooms and cream,

plain yogurt, pesto

spinach, onion and Parmesan.


cranberry and brie

asparagus sauteed in butter,

broccoli and cheddar




Green salad,

apple pie,

mixed melon cubes,

broccoli unless you are serving it as a topping,

gingered pineapple

glazed carrots

cucumber yogurt salad

broiled (or grilled) tomatoes

zucchini roasted with garlic

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I'd do green & fruit salad. Broccoli, veggie chili, and sour cream for toppings.


(and I think you have a typo in your title :) ).


I read it as Well Trained Foodie Chefs. :)


Broccoli, those crispy Chinese food things (kinda like a fried pasta), chopped green onions, pretty much any salad topping can be a potato topping. I've seen people use salsa before.

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:smilielol5: :smilielol5: :smilielol5: I am sorry, but I can't get past the title, which was the brightest moment in my day.


You're having one of those days too?

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Caramelized onions

Sour cream

Whipped butter


Faux bacon

Green onions

Veggie chili (canned)


A couple of kinds of cheese

Sautéed mushrooms



You could do white and sweet potatoes. I love potato bars. Such a fun, easy way to feed a crowd. :)


Green salad, fruit, and brownies?

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Ah. Yes. I think I do need a proofreader for all most posts and titles now. :tongue_smilie:


Thank you all for the fantastic suggestion. I did darn near all of them and it was like locusts coming through my kitchen once everyone topped their potatoes. Now I want to do it all again because it was so much fun.

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