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Need quick help for homeschooling in Colorado

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My friend's dh is moving in mid April to Colorado Springs (near the Broadmoor Resort area). Their ds is 7 and is in school here in CA which doesn't end until June 15th. She read where in CO, it ends May 31st?


Anyway, she doesn't really want to stay here with her ds for a couple of months while her dh is in CO. She is considering homeschooling him for a couple of months until they decided whether they would put him back in ps or not. She doesn't want to enroll him in one school in a hurry only to find out that he isn't happy there. They already moved a year ago and their ds had to switch from a Montessori school he loved to ps for this last year. They want to try and keep the disruption for ds to a minimum. She is telecommuting full-time, but is considering changing it to part time if she needs to.


She is worried about the legal issues and truancy issues. I can easily point her to curriculum and what not, but I'm not familiar enough with CO homeschooling laws. I found them online, but I guess what I'm wondering is if they would even apply to her if she was only homeschooling for a couple of months? Can she just file a NOI in the district they will be living in (district 12 I believe), homeschool for a couple of months and then put him back in ps in the fall if she needs to? She was also afraid that he would not be accepted back in ps if she put in an intent to homeschool.


I'm finding CO homeschool laws to send her, but I'm guessing with all of the codes, it will be a bit overwhelming since they are already scrambling with the unexpected move. She doesn't have a ton of time to research.


Any help is appreciated!


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Well, it looks to me as if she wouldn't have to do anything until "two weeks before starting home schooling." I don't know how CO school officials would know that her ds is compulsory school age or anything, since he has not been enrolled in public school there. This isn't legal advice or anything, but *I* wouldn't do anything until later in the summer, as in August.

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