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Who'd a thunk it? An unforeseen use for French...

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My son is using our local community college for his high school lab sciences, which is working fairly well except that he has trouble finding lab partners who know what they are doing. In his science class this semester the professor is well aware of this and makes the students switch partners every lab so nobody gets stuck with the incompetent ones all the time. Last week my son's lab partner was a recent immigrant from a French-speaking country. When my son realized he was struggling to understand the lab, he explained it in French. The professor overheard him and being someone with less than perfect English herself, took pity on the student and assigned him permanently to my son. My son says knowing some French snagged him a permanent partner who has a brain - an unforeseen use for his French. (His words not mine lol.)


Who knew? : )



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That's great! I used my very bad French at work to help an Armenian man and a Chadian woman.


Good for you! Spanish is considered much more useful than French these days, but we have found many people speak French, even if it isn't their first language, and that it is very useful as a lingua franca. My, what a surprise lol.



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