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Have you ever read somthing but did not "read" it.

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I went to bring dd to her gymnastics class today and when Iwalked in could tell there was not class. I asked the lady at the front desk she said they were closed for the week. I said "A sign would be nice". she commented back "we had signs posted for a month" I looked a the glass doors to see what I missed and said "I don't see any signs" "Well we took them down" I thought geesh lady chill out. I made a mistake then I got to thinking I know I read about sign ups for the fall butnothing for last week being thelast week. Or did I. I noticed no one else was there so I am the only one that didn't "read" the sign..... so have you ever showed up someplce because you missed "reading the sign"....

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It happens at church all the time. Signs, emails, etc. and people are unaware. I think it's because there is so much information overload--that is part of it. Another part may actually have to do with learning style. Communication is best when it's delivered through BOTH the ears and the eyes. A simple announcement in class might have been enough for you. Obviously, walking by posters for a month didn't get your attention. That feedback may help the organization.

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with our last baby, i made my dh come home early to take care of the other kids, i went off to my OB appointment, only to find out that it was the following week. And I had the correct date posted on the fridge!







Well, I once showed up at the pediatrician's office at 3:00 p.m. for my dd's appt. They told me I'd been scheduled in the morning, but I was quite adamant that my card said 3:00 p.m. So they squeezed me in.


When I went home, I found the card.


Of course it did not say 3:00 p.m.



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