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Hit me with your best adoption blogs!


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I really enjoyed reading Chantelle's adoption blog and watching some of the Gotcha Day videos linked from posts in that thread.


We're in process for China after waiting almost 2 years for a domestic program that did not pan out. I am a little addicted to adoption blogs because it's encouraging to see people bringing kids home.


So... I'd love to hear about more good adoption blogs or Gotcha videos or what have you.


Thanks, all!

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We have two blogs, one for each daughter. Neither of them are "live," as we just used them to keep friends and relatives updated on our trips. They are probably not the "best" blogs, but you may be interested in reading them just to see what our China experiences were like. Our oldest daughter was adopted in 2008 and her blog is much more extensive. My husband did all of the writing and the photos are not that great:




Our youngest was adopted in 2011 and her blog is very brief. We were dealing with sibling rivalry issues (my oldest traveled with us) and we just didn't have time to do much blogging:



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I like to read this one:

No Greater Joy Mom



Holy cow, I am lost in her posts and the stories of her children. I appreciate some of the luke-warm mildly anti-international adoption blogs people have posted for balance and for their passion for justice. Surely, every parent wants to know their children were not "obtained" by nefarious means. But that is just not the case in the majority of international situations (especially in Hague countries) and particularly in special needs adoption. It's not logical to say there is not need in these places, or that local institutions are ever better than (even international) families.


This is a good one, as is the whole story of her daughter Hasya:


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I have taken down my blog of the last 2+ years, but I'm slowly adding "OB=old blog" posts to my new one. I just want to be careful as my kids are no longer nicknames, but pictured children who may not should be called out on certain things in public. Because of that, I may add pieces of a post or change the post so it isn't obvious which kid I'm speaking of. Of course, older posts could also be about one of the many other children we've had over the last couple years.


However, I am not a good writer, nor do I even had a real idea what to write about. I just hope that a post here or there will help another person....or myself.

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