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How do I get milky toddler barf out of carpet?

lavender's green

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Vinegar. It kills the bacteria. Lots of water too.


The room will smell like vinegar for a few days.


Repeat if the smell comes back (if you don't rinse the milk out well enough, it will come back)


So rinse until the water is clear, then put the vinegar on (about 50/50) and sop up with towels.

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Bac-out from Biokleen.


We dumped it down the air ducts in our boys room after we discovered they were peeing down the vents (new contraction!!). It worked great.


We use is on all things barf, poop, and stinky animal. It's an enzyme that eats it all out of whatever and the smell isn't obnoxious in my opinion.

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