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Your opinion on sinks, please

Tita Gidge


77 members have voted

  1. 1. I prefer the following sink:

    • (A) Double sink, one very deep/wide and one very shallow/narrow
    • (B) Double sink, two basins of equal depth and width
    • (C) Double sink, one average basin and one slightly smaller basin
    • (D) Really? A sink? I'm too cool for First World Problems.
    • (E) No strong preference either way.

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We're remodeling the kitchen in a rental.


We currently have a double sink where one basin is deep/wide and one is shallow/narrow. So large pots fit in one, and the other is only good for rinsing veggies and silverware. No one has ever complained, but this set-up would drive me completely crazy. That said, since it is a rental property I want our new sink to mimic whatever the popular preference is. Prices are within a close range, so that's not a factor.


We are definitely doing a double sink, so:


A ) double sink, same as we currently have - one very deep/wide, one shallow/narrow,


B ) double sink, two basins of equal depth and width,


C ) double sink, one basin of average depth/width and one slightly more shallow/smaller. This one is a hybrid of A and B.



For fellow geeks out there, basin measurements are:


A ) 18" big basin, 11" small basin


B ) two basins, each 14.5"


C ) 16" big basin, 13" small basin




Thanks for your input. The kids and I have each voted, and winner gets to pick dinner :)


Unless it's someone else, and then they get to pick the appetizer at the place I pick for dinner B)

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I've done the single basin and it was horrible. I've done double shallow basins and it was horrible. I currently live with a sink that in a counter entirely too low and too shallow. Dh is 6'2" and gets a back ache if he has to do dishes.


My best friend's sink is lovely but a bit too narrow. When we build I'm having double sinks of equal size. Both deep and wide.

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We have one similar to your current sink: wide, deep basin plus a narrow, shallow sidecar basin. I like it a lot, but, as you say, the smaller side isn't good for washing or soaking. I'd go for a double either way, though; I agree with Chucki that a single basin is very limiting.


I also need reading glasses. I read the subject as "Your opinion stinks" and came to find out who had done Tita wrong.

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Double-sink, equal-sized basins. I'm a very active cook/baker, and never have had trouble with this set up. If something is too large for the basin, yet needs to soak, I just place it on the counter, fill with water, then squirt in the dish liquid soap, and let it sit overnight (or few hours) (This works for rimmed cookie sheets, too.) Everything comes off easily then. If the item needs to soak on the outsides, I've sure made a major mess to begin with!


I've no interest in a "skinny" basin, nor in a single-basin.


Justamouse, will there be a pump handle as part of your farm sink? :001_smile:

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I have a big basin on the right and a smaller basin on the left (no idea of exact measurements). I like it because I can easily wash big baking dishes and pans in the bigger side while the smaller side has the garbage disposal in it. Plates and dishes get stacked in the bigger side while I rinse them off in the smaller side. The smaller side is also good for peeling potatoes, cutting the tops off strawberries, and rinsing grapes. I also rinse out the recyclable items in the smaller side. And all of this rinsing, cutting, and peeling can be done even if there are dirty dishes in the big part of the sink.

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I don't care if it's a single sink or a double sink (if it's a single, I'll just put a basin on the counter if need be), but I absolutely want one sink to be deep enough for a large pot, and wide enough for a large cast iron skillet or a 9x13 pan. My MIL has two standard-sized sinks, and that would drive me nuts -- I can't fit pans large enough for my family in her small sinks.

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My best friend's sink is lovely but a bit too narrow. When we build I'm having double sinks of equal size. Both deep and wide.



...and get stainless steel so you don't bash all your fine china to death in a porcelain sink. Or is it just that I am clumsy?

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P.S., but this is related to choice of a sink. Make sure that the faucet is compatible with the sink. My son's apartment has a nasty kitchen faucet that comes so low and close to the sink, he and his wife often crack or break glasses and/or dishes.



Good to keep in mind, thank you! I tend to shop like this: "Ooooh! Pretty! Ooooh! Cheap!" and I waste more time than not by forgetting these types of details.


Here is a link to a previous discussion that had LOTS of information, opinions, and ideas. http://forums.welltr...asin-or-double/



Thank you so much, Miss Marple! I missed that thread when it originally appeared, but it's exactly the input I'm looking for.


I thought we'd go with the two basins of same size, and that seems to be most popular. It's a good point, though, to see if that's an appropriate size to fit a skillet or pan into. I'll investigate that, plus read through the other thread, and hopefully have a new sink picked out by Monday.


Thanks, all!

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