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Science Shepherd Biology...what do you really need?

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My oldest is using doing SS Bio this year. The books are soft covered so they don't hold up as well, but I think two students could share. I am copying the labs out of the lab book, so you could buy just one. I also bought the lab DVD which I think is very helpful. My only complaint is that it is very quiet and hard to hear on my laptop.


I think one supply kit shared would be plenty. I bought the basic lab kit (no dead animals) from Rainbow Resources and we are just getting to the dissections. The official dissection kit from Rainbow is like $40 for all the animals, but I bought and equivalent one from Home Science tools for less than half that. I haven't received it yet so I don't know what is is like.


I also copy the tests out of the book. The FAQ section on their website states that these items may be copied within a family.


If you want to piecemeal your own lab materials and need to know more specifically what prepared slides and such are needed let me know.

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I would agree with Blossom on sharing the text if they are very careful & either copying the lab pages or just having them do drawings & answers on separate papers.


We didn't find the DVD helpful except for the dissections. My ds didn't want to do the dissection labs (we did a worm last year & he wanted no part of doing any more), so we are using Froguts for virtual dissections.We watched the DVD for those labs & that was nice, since seeing a real one is not exactly the same experience as the virtual one. If we had done the dissections live, I would have thought the DVD was pretty much a waste of $ IMHO.

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