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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Some days that's the best way to tackle it ((hugs)).


It's like the saying about eating an elephant, right? One bite at a time.


I'm tackling my Friday by pretending everything is going to get done around me.


So, really, look for me to join you in tackling Saturday because mine is going to be a son-of-a-gun LOL.

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Kitchen is clean


A load of laundry is in the machine and is set on a 5 hour delay so that it won't be sitting wet in the washer all day.


Kids are doing what they can for school for an hour.


In 1/2 hour we leave to help the ILs with some more moving stuff. SIL is MIL-sitting today.


I wonder what I could put in the crockpot in the next half hour? Off to look at what ingredients I have lying around. . . .

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We started our weekend a bit early today...because I needed a "mental health day!"



get everyone up, showered, dressed and fed

dd15-coop 9-12pm

made a trip to Trader Joe's and BJ's Wholesale (about a half hour drive each way)

unloaded groceries


1 load of laundry

made cookies with the kids

did math with ds and dd9



wash & hang delicates

get a new brake light for my van (and install it)

go to banks




As you can see, I had low expectations for today! I hope to get more accomplished tomorrow, but today I just needed a day to breathe. DH and ds are leaving on a Scout trip as soon as DH gets home from work. They will be biking almost 50 miles on Saturday. DD15 has a babysitting job for friends tonight. That will leave me with only my two younger girls.

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