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Speigovel editions?

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What is the difference between Western Civilization Volume 1 and Western Civilization Volume A? There are volumes with 1, 2, and 3. There are volumes titled A, B, and C. What's up with that?


I'm looking at "Combined Edition" too. Is the combined edition just vol 1, 2, and 3 in one huge book?


I wanted to order today, but now am really confused.




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This is in the Amazon description for the combined volume (6th edition):


Best-selling text, WESTERN CIVILIZATION has helped over one million students learn about the present by exploring the past. Jack Spielvogel's engaging, chronological narrative weaves the political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, cultural, and military aspects of history into a gripping story that is as memorable as it is instructive. Each chapter offers a substantial introduction and conclusion, providing students a context for these disparate themes. The clear narrative of a single gifted author makes it easy for students to follow the story of Western civilization. Spielvogel gives the book depth by including over 150 maps and excerpts of over 200 primary sources--including official documents, poems, and songs--that enliven the past while introducing students to source material that forms the basis of historical scholarship.


Available in many split options:

WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Comprehensive, 6th Edition (Chapters 1-29), ISBN: 0534646026;

WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Volume I, To 1715, 6th Edition (Chapters 1-16), ISBN:0534646034;

WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Volume II, Since 1500, 6th Edition (Chapters 13-29), ISBN:0534646042;


WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Volume A: To 1500, 6th Edition (Chapters 1-12), ISBN: 0534646050;

WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Volume B: 1300-1815, 6th Edition (Chapters 11-19), ISBN:0534646069;

WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Volume C: Since 1789, 6th Edition (Chapters 19-29), ISBN: 0534646077;


WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Since 1300, 6th Edition (Chapters 11-29), ISBN:0534646085.



So it looks like the different versions are to accomodate courses that cover slightly different periods in one semester.


BTW, I've been picking up used editions and have been very happy with them. I haven't noticed any particular issue with having a 5th edition for one volume and a 6th edition for another. (But then, we're also cheerfully using a Western Heritage by Kagan that dates from the 1990s. Maybe we're odd ducks.)








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We liked the combined editions -- later ones had nicer pictures but we had 10 kids using multiple versions and everything was pretty much the same. A few different sub-chapter headings and different page numbers but worked fine for us to just find cheap good used ones on Amazon.


The study guide I bought was for the entire period -- so, so....


Best wishes!

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