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Anyone else turning fifty?

Laura Corin

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I'm trying to make this a positive year, preparing for the next forty... the women in my family live long. What ideas do you have for appreciating where you have come from and looking forward optimistically?


In the last year I've retrained for a job, applied for lots and have now been in work for eight months. I've finally established a house-cleaning routine that seems to work. And I've lost a few pounds.


How are you seeing the landmark?



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As part of a class, I do a spiritual autobiography. If this isn't your cuppa, you could do a life-events timeline, and look for connections and "threads."


This year, instead of a timeline/"bring in pictures to share" type, we answered 3 of these questions--very good for reviewing/appreciating the past, and setting forth on the future. Perhaps these questions could help you reflect.


1. These things I have loved and cherished in life--

things I tasted,

looked at,





2. These convictions I have lived by:


3. These beliefs I have outgrown:


4. These losses have shaped and changed my life:


5. These sufferings have seasoned me:


6. These risks I have taken, these dangers I have courted:


7. These are the things I have lived for:


8. These persons are enshrined within my heart:


9. These things I fear as I face the future:


10. These are the works that remain to be done:


There is one more, but it is of a specifically spiritual nature and prolly won't be helpful.


It is a powerful thing to do this exercise, and then share it within a community in which you feel supported and loved.


HTH somewhat!

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