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Can a child have too many blocks? (Easter, gifts, and a block obsessed preschooler)


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We had purchased a playmobile set for Nico (almost 4) for Easter, BUT he has his heart set on that the Easter Bunny will bring him another Archiquest block set. He received a set for Christmas and wants another badly. Thing is, he has baskets and baskets (and buckets and plats) full of building sets - archiquest, jenga (he builds with them), angry bird building sets, regular blocks.

He DOES play with them. All of them. Constantly. He very easily spends 6-7 hours a day (at least) building castles, houses, bridges, etc with his sets. All of them are loved, cared for, and very well used.

Is it okay that he only wants to play with one type of toy? He has tons of toys, but I eventually moved many of them out of his room because he only builds really; if he plays with his other toys, it's in conjunction WITH his "buildings" - he'll put his castle men in the castle he builds, shoot his angry birds at the buildings, ram his cars into the structures, etc. I kind of wanted him to have something *other* than blocks... but I realize this isn't about me, lol.

I can easily put the playmobile set aside for another day or another holiday (like his birthday when he doesn't just get *one* major gift; unlike Easter where we only give one main gift and then candy) and get him the archiquest set instead. I'm just not sure if I should try to broaden his... interests... a bit more.

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Sounds like you have a civil engineer in the making. Buy the boy blocks if you have the option to set your other gift aside. :) If he needs them, he needs them. He's probably got a plan and can't carry it out until he has the right tools!


Turns out that this building and creating business is serious work. Who knew? My kids are now writing stories from the vast reservoir of created scenarios they constructed during hours and hours of building and imagining. imo, the time and investment will likely pay off in ways you don't know. I remember my son getting a set of k'nex and telling me, "I need another one." Unbeknownst to me, a friend had purchased him one, and he was able to build everything he had in mind. He was over the moon that Christmas. Best. Ever.

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My electrical and computer engineer husband said "civil engineer my butt".


Is there some kind of competition between the different engineer types that I'm not privy to?


The archiquest blocks win the hold-out. They will be in Prince Nico's basket this Easter. He'll be psyched!

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