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hating Algebra (problem included)


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No matter what every.single.day. we end up with one problem that we can not solve. So I took Alg 1 in 7th grade and it came so easy to me. Which was many moons ago but its bugging me that everyday something trips me up.


Out of 16 problems dd got 15 correct and I also did them all (for my own practice) we both missed the same one


80+(8x4) Divided by 2 = 96


I have worked this a few ways and still can't get to 96... someone please show me how! or prove the answer key is wrong I am not confident enough to call a key wrong lol.

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80 + (8x4) Divided by 2 (I’m assuming there was a division sign where you wrote divided by,I can’t find one on my keyboard either)


You do parentheses first so 80 + 32 divided by 2.


Then you do all multiplication/division going left to right so 80 + 16


Then you do all addition/subtraction going left to right so 96.

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