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Update on my dad's heart surgery.


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He still hasn't had it!!! The only thing keeping me from unhinging on the surgeon is that it won't help.


Dad went Monday morning, very early, for his CT scan. Late in the day he received a phone call from the hospital. The CT scanner was malfunctioning and the scans were no good. It was going to be 24-48 hours before the techie would have it running and fully tested. The Medicare rep had a COW about authorizing the scans at another hospital. It took nearly 48 hrs. to get the authorization and you don't want to know what my dad's GP actually said on the phone. Mom was in the room; it wasn't pretty! A duly licensed medical practitioner should not have to get that angry and take that much time out of his or her day to get a CT scan approval for a guy with a diagnosed heart condition and an x-ray showing lung nodules. Duh! The stupid scanner was malfunctioning, the test needs to be done at another facility, get over yourself!!!


The report is supposed to be in at noon today. If not, I will probably explode and my brain matter will radiate over the heart surgeon. Dad needs the blasted surgery before he has a massive coronary NOT after. Besides the fact, the first nodule was already diagnosed as scar tissue when it was first found so the second is statistically most likely the same. Pulmonary tests indicated lungs that were 20 years younger than his chronological age. So, I am not a happy camper by any stretch. I feel very helpless and so on top of punishing my boys with many science documentaries today that we can discuss ad nauseum which makes an excellent distraction for me, we are dissecting and making up a bunch of microscope slides - again, to help the time pass. I think my boys will be happy when grandpa finally has his surgery because I won't use expanded lesson plans as a method to avoid thinking about it, and then I'll be at the hospital quite a bit for the first 48 hours...leaving them in happy bliss at home with independent assignments.


If all else fails, I'll work on the boutonnieres for the wedding.

Thank you for all of your prayers, good thoughts, and positive vibes! I very much appreciate it!!!!!!



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