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I have the most amazing diet food!

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Shiritake noodles! I don't know if you have heard of these! I have read about them for months, but couldn't afford them. They also have tofu shiritake noodles, which is what I have tried. They are made of natural plant fiber, and are shaped like noodles. The tofu ones are tofu and yam flour (I guess the others are yam flour). A four oz. serving is 20 cal, and 3 carbs, and 2 grams of fiber, so 1 net carb! They are great for diabetics (which I am), and because they are a plant fiber, they absorb water, so they swell a tiny bit in your stomach and are supposed to make you a little more full after you eat them (I haven't experienced this yet).


You are supposed to wash them well because there is a funny smell or taste, then cook them 2-3 min, or in the microwave, 1 min--we do this. Then dry them, and add sauce--you need to do this, or they will make the sauce really watery. We just use a paper towel. I use extra sauce because their taste is not amazing, but it does verify something I read a while ago; you don't care for pasta, what you like is the sauce, but the pasta adds a ton of unnecessary carbs and cals!


They might have these in an Asian store or health food store near you. I couldn't find these in a store, just online. I could never afford them, but a friend sent them to me, and I love them! They come to around $2-$3 a pack when you buy 12 (they have to be sent refrigerated), and are well worth it, especially if you are watching your carbs. These are one of the best things I have discovered since I have found out I have diabetes. Worth trying.

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I'm trying a yeast/pasta/etc. free diet for 3 weeks, so wonder if these would work for me? We have an international market about 20 minutes from us, with a huge Asian section, so they'd probably have them there, huh? Are they in the refrigerated section?


Seems like a lot of owrk to get them ready. Jenny, do you fix them the same way?


What kind of sauce do you put on---spaghetti sauce or what?

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The brand I get is called House Foods Tofu Shirataki Noodles (there are two types - we like the fettuccine style). We just rinse them, then heat them gently in some bioling water (we don't have a microwave), pat dry and use as you wish.


You really can put whatever sauce or dressing on you like. They are like tofu (no real taste of their own). We like them with a little GF soy sauce, sesame oil, and stir-fried veggies. One of my dd's loves them with olive oil and grated Romano cheese. Just have fun and add what you like. They really are easy to make.

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