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Switching from Math Mammoth to Singapore


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We switched after the long division section of MM4B and went into Singapore 4A, skipping some things that we'd already done. Take a look at the scope and sequence of 4A and 4B, as it would likely be one of those that you need to go to. You'll probably skip some sections (or move quickly through them as review) along the way. For example, 2-digit long division is taught in MM4B, but Singapore doesn't teach it until 5A (they did one-digit long division in 3A).


ETA: The Singapore placement tests would be very useful.

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Just curious why you are switching to Singapore.

We are using Singapore and considering supplementing with Math Mammoth.. but curious to hear your opinions and experience.



I switched because the Singapore presentation is more kid friendly, there are less problems, and it isn't as incremental.


Both are excellent programs. I just like Singapore better for my mathy kids.

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