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Learning a new language has given me new insights

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Sometimes I can't remember what a word means even though I've seen it twenty times, and I knew it yesterday and the day before that.


There is one word I consistently misspell, even though I "know" how to spell it. My son gets irritated when I ask him AGAIN, but I really can't remember because it's gotten all jumbled in my head.


When the Spanish teacher starts talking really fast, I can't process all the language and do the expected task at the same time.


When the teacher makes a seemingly insignificant spelling or grammar mistake, I really do need to mention it because I am not sure if it's a really mistake or a new word.


Sometimes it really is boring, and telling myself "Do it anyway," isn't nearly as effective as taking a break, eating a cookie, and finishing it later or even the next day.


This experience has been quite humbling. I'd forgotten what hard work learning can be! I'm trying to remind myself that not only am I stretching my brain, I am becoming a better (and hopefully more patient) teacher.



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