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I wanted to share...WWS related.

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Dd10 watched a documentary today on volcanoes. She asked if she could write about it instead of doing the WWE summary so I said fine...write down a list of things you learned from the documentary. I figured she would write down like 4 or 5 things. Well, she wrote down about 25...way too much to include in a paper of the length or depth she is capable of. So, I'm looking at this list and it dawns on me that this is what WWS is all about. So, I tell her that there is too much information here for a short paragraph so she needs to decide on a narrower topic. I didn't think she would understand this part, but she pipes up with - well, I found the information about San Fransisco being on a fault line and having lots of earthquakes pretty interesting. Could I write about that instead of volcanoes? Yes! So, she pulled out all the information just about San Fransico and ended up with a really nice, focused paragraph. She even went back and mentioned that she could have written just about the volcanoes under the ocean, or about the volcanoes forming islands.


I think she might be ready for WWS! I was thinking she would need another year....does anyone else think she might be?


Anyway, I just wanted to share. Mostly to give kudos to WWE\WWS, but to also encourage others to work outside of the programs sometimes...you might be surprised what your dc are capable of.

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