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Well-Trained Fashionastas- Help Please!


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I would like to look nice for Easter but the trouble is I'm still loosing pregnancy weight and hardly have anything that fits. I do have one nice linen skirt that I can just squeeze into but I need a new top to go with it. I prefer like a knit and wouldn't mind a cardigan to coordinate. The skirt is navy with white, I 'm sure there is a name to describe the kind of pattern/material but I don't know. Anyway, I want a navy top. Also, I've been looking for some other clothes and would love other recommendations for nice skirts and knit tops that can be for church or just around town. I need something that is going to have some stretch to it so it will still fit when I'm smaller but also on my tops to accommodate nursing. I'm rather large up top but have a relatively small waist so I want something large enough for my chest but that doesn't hang like a bag or isn't too skin tight either.


I've been looking all morning at LLBean, Land's End, J Crew, etc. and having a hard time finding exactly what I want. I wear navy blue, black, dark red, olive-ish green, bright pink, and dark purple. I don't like lots of patterns. I prefer cotton, knits, linen. I want skirts that are right past my knees or calf length but no shorter or longer. I like A-lines and prefer zip up skirts or if elastic waisted a strong defined waist. I don't want them too full but don't mind some fullness, depending on the cut.


It seems medium shirts are fitting ok now, unless they are sized small then I need a large for my chest. I'm about a tight size 6 right now but usually a size 2-4.


I found these skirts at Hanna Anderson I think I would like and would like things similar, good quality but also a decent price if possible.



I've yet to find any shirts exactly like I'm looking for yet. I can find some decent knit tees but I want a little something nicer for church.


Also, I'm looking for some new flats. I was thinking of dark gray- could I wear that w/ navy and with black- any opinions? Any favorite shoes out there? I want something that can be paired with jeans or a skirt. I like understated but feminine looking. Comfortable but not old-ladyish :)


Reading that it sounds like I'm terribly picky, I guess I am, or at least dh says I am. If you've read this far and have ideas I'm all ears, tia!


eta- I did go shopping yesterday but I live rurally and there are not a lot of options. I did find a few tops at Goodwill but the only one really nice enough for church is black. All the skirts that I could find were too long or too short, ugly stripes and pastels. See-through shirts and poor quality material!

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