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Osteo Osteoma


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Does any one have any experience with Osteo Osteoma?


My DD11 has been having leg paid for a bout 6 weeks. At first we thought it was growing pains but it continued and got worse and was only in one leg.


We had x-rays taken and the Ped. did not see anything but the reviewing radiologist say the the bone was bowing a bit and thinks there is an osteo osteoma growth. They are benign growths.


She is having an MRI to officially diagnose this.


Of course, my mind hopes that it is this benign growth not something............. well more serious.


I would love to hear anyone's story.

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The MRI went smoothly and before I even managed to make it home I had a diagnosis.


Hannah has a rare benign tumor in the fibula of her left leg called and osteo osteoma. It is a huge praise that it was very visible. These are often very very hard to find. Hannah's was very visible.


We had our follow up appointment with a orthopedic Dr. this afternoon. I was very encouraged that even though he did not know we were coming until about 11:30 this morning he took the time to research and was well versed by the time we came in at 4:10. As I said these are rare and I could see the curiosity in the Dr. and I find it comforting since that means we will probably get well researched care. :)


He has recommended we see a pediatric bone tumor specialist at Kaiser in Oakland and has sent the referral. These tumors can clear up on their own but the patient would have to deal with pain management for 3-5 years. They are concerned that surgery could damage a nerve that would cause Hannah to not be able to tell her ankle to lift her foot. There are asprin therapies but they are usually used as a diagnostic tool because osteo osteomas are had to find. I.E. if the pain responds they know to keep looking. So we are not sure that the tumor would respond.


So the prayer requests right now are for a clear direction for the treatment. Also seeing the tumor on the MRI image really made this all hit home for Hannah. She is a trooper and handled everything with grace and self control but she is scared.


I am so grateful for your continued prayers and good thoughts

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