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Radish cold remedy??


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I could have sworn that I read a post/thread on this forum about a cough/cold remedy that used radishes? Maybe I'm crazy...but on the chance that I DID read it here, could someone link that thread? I tried every search term I could think of and came up with nothing.

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I searched for

medicinal use for radish

health benefits of radish


There were a few html posts talking about colds but nothing from a source that I recognized as being legit or grounded in research. Mainly unfounded/undocumented comments like (made up quotes) 'it has vitamin c and b so it is good for colds', 'it helps with asthma so it is good with tight chest symptoms'.


Here is a site thatseems to have some specific info on the use of radish, but it doesn't really mention what you are looking for. It also makes some pretty big jumps in assumptions with its "thus" statements. This site doesn't mention colds, so 'thus' I assume it isn't a common use (you have to read the article to understand the 'thus' statement). LOL

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