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JAWM...I already hit "buy" (CLE LTR)


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I'm having a moment of panic. I was planning on having my oldest DD use BJU's language arts next year for 2nd grade. The books have been rolling in and they are WAY beyond her ability level. Um... waaaaaaay.


(I knew DD was behind on her reading level, but now I'm freakin' out a little.)


So, I'm considering a Reading Bootcamp of sorts. (Okay, more than considering...I've already hit "buy.") Just something systematic, open-and-go. And I actually like that CLE LTR includes some sight words -- though I know they're not popular here. DD can sound out lots of words on the CCVC level -- like clap, flat, glass -- but doesn't know easy high frequency words like "he, me, our, she."


I was thinking that CLE's LTR might be a good one to use since it's not a full year's program, and I might can accelerate through some of the beginning workbooks.


Thoughts? Feel free to share if you've had success using LTR as a remediation program for a slightly older student (DD is almost 7).

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Personally, I think it's a great idea. My current 7yo did CLE LTR earlier this school year. I forget where we jumped in - several light units in. I think his fluency now is better than any other of mine at the same age. He turned 7 last August - and we did CLE LTR sometime after that.


Thanks for sharing your experience!

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I think your decision was a good one. I did CLE LTR last year with one of my children and I thought it was a solid program. It was easy to use and direct in instruction and got him reading.

I decided not to use it with the rest of my children, but honestly I still think the program is a great one.

I don't think you should have any worries!

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